Get a cheap car insurance quote online

We will need some information before we can compare car insurance quotes. See the list below:

Your car details

Car make, model, registration number and modifications.

Car usage and parking

Will you be using the car for social or business purposes and how many kilometres per year will you do. Where do you park your car, on a public street or in a garage?

Your own details

These details include your age, address, job and driving history.

No claims discount

We will need your no claims discount details also known as NCD. You may get a discount if you have not made a claim in a number of years.

Driving licence

Finally in this section we need details such as the type of licence you hold and when it was issued.

Car insurance quote list

  • Your job
  • Your car registration
  • Car make and model
  • Security alarm
  • Yearly kilometres
  • Type of driver's licence
  • Claims, points or accidents
  • Additional drivers